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Lake Como - Traditions and Local Brands

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It seems natural that a place so beautiful like Lake Como has a so long tradition in producing the “princess of the fabrics”:  silk.

And even if along the centuries things changed, and rearing silkworms and producing the fiber turned back to its origins (China), the production of the fabric remains the main specialization in this region.

The good news is that you find it everywhere: from local artisans in small touristic places to industrial producers in the Capital of Silk: Como (where, by the way, there is also a Silk Outlet).

As a logic consequence, the main local brands are directly correlated to this fine fabric.

But not only. The Italian good taste and passion for quality is reflected also in other types of items, too.

So, if you like discovering local brands, less known but nevertheless of high italian quality, 

see here a list of some local interesting brands.

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