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May 3, 2017



THE CULOTTES ISSUE - first step in understanding the "permanent fashion"


I remember when I saw the first time the now famous culottes. I hated it . First of all, because my eye was, at that time, used to other types of pants (my aesthetical schemes based on habits) , and second because they were worn by somebody that didn't have the right shapes to wear them (her incorrect dressing habits).


The second step was when I began liking them (fashion psichological influence), bought and wore them. I looked good , but ... something was missing !

And finally (not as an illumination from the sky, but after studying the phenomenon) I understood: for my shapes, they are not my perfect match ! Yes, I look relatively good, but not my BEST.


The main idea is : let's put aside for one moment the inputs that "tricky" fashion sends every other minute. If our main objective is to look very good, our best, it's not Fashion that dictates what we should wear, but We are the Masters , and Fashion serves us ideas from which to choose, with aesthetical discernment.


Experts call it "permanent fashion", that meaning that everybody should have in their wardrobe the things that flatter them and their bodies , permanently, no matter what the changes of Fashion dictate.


I can hear the non-fashion people breathe with relief, finally somebody that says "you shouldn't wear exactly what fashion sais"! ...At the same time, I feel the Fashionistas worried  - do not worry, I love Fashion too, it's just that we do not have to follow it like the sheep follow their shepperd, but extract from it the items that make us look gorgeous.


Trust me, It's the Golden Middle Way , a Relative that will paradoxally bring you Absolute results.


This is the objective of this Blog. Learn how to dress in your body's best interest, create your unique style , making Fashion your Alli , not your Enemy.


I'm not gonna act like an absolute expert, yes, I have knowledge that will share with you, but I will also express doubts and you are free to participate at the dabate !


So, let's begin !




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