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About Me

I have always had a small  “aesthetical obsession": while watching people, I was always imagining “improving” them, in order to obtain “their best” in terms of image.

Therefore I consider myself lucky to make a profession out of passion - to the above I added specific education and practice and here I am.

This is how I became an Image Consultant.*


Specific Education: Image Consulting at Istituto Europeo di Design  - Milan; Image Consulting at the Italian Image Institute - Milan.

At the same time, I enjoy using imagination while puting together outfits, finding for them the perfect environment, and watching them melt, using every little detail in order to give birth to emotions, the lymph of our existence on Earth.


That led me to being also a Fashion Stylist.*

Specific Education: Fashion Styling at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - Milan.

Last but not least, my previous studies and experiences in other fields (commerce, financial consultancy, tourism) represent a solid base for the complex professional figure that I am today - business, management or foreign languages knowledge are a great help for my current activity.

Specific Education: The Accademy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce, Specialization Tourism-Services, Bucharest, Romania.

* These two specializations above have a lot in common. In fact, in the anglo-saxon literature , the Image Consultant is also called Personal Fashion Stylist. Simplyfying , the image consultant teaches you how to dress "correctly", while the Fashion Stylist renders the outifit a part of a more complex message, closer to art .